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Kodiakhill is a chemical consulting firm that you can depend on regarding chemistry product formulation, patent application, and expert witness services. We have decades of experience and accumulated notable achievements in the field, furthering existing practices with innovative research.

With several leading-edge inventions and accreditation from multiple organizations, Kodiakhill is the best partner for your surfactant projects and more.

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Serving North America and India

Over 40 Years of Experience

2017 AOCS Samuel Rosen Awardee

Consulting and Expert Witness Services

We can provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure success on your projects. Kodiakhill’s fields of expertise include:

Materials Science
Chemical Engineering
Intellectual Property
Colloid and Surface Science
Product Development
Agricultural Adjuvants
Oil and Gas Chemicals

Kodiakhill also has considerably diverse experience in various industries and can bring a broader and different perspective than others in the same field. We are experts in silicone material science, formulation development for household and personal care products (such as shampoos, cosmetics, and laundry detergent), and screening for product development.

Our proficiency in the field also makes us capable of offering substantial input on producing chemicals for upstream oil and gas and agricultural chemicals.

Notable Designs and Innovations

We boast mastery in chemical engineering and production that we have accumulated by restructuring existing practices to better processes, thereby improving results. Through the course of our work, we were able to develop the following:

Silicone Super Wetter Surfactants
Silicone Vesicles (Liposomes) for Delivery of Personal Care Actives, such as Vitamin E (As Used in Skin Care Lotion Products)
Highly Effective Silicone Foam Control Technology
Laundry and Automatic Dish Detergents Based on Enzymes at a Major Manufacturer
Pigment Surface Modifications Lead to Brighter and Whiter Electronic Displays
Adjuvant to Significantly Improve the Problem with Citrus Greening

Additionally, we were granted 40 patents for new well treatment products, all based on bio-derived materials.


Our company was looking to develop an improved version of a formula for an existing product. Randal’s experience and expertise allowed him to step in and quickly establish a path to success. Between determining chemical levels, guiding the testing process, and even flying out of the country to work directly with our lab, he was pivotal in helping us reach our goal. Thank you Randal for your fantastic problem solving abilities, and thank you Intellex for facilitating our work together!”

- Wilt-Pruf Products Inc.

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AOCS2017 AOCS Samuel Rosen Awardee