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Ensure the success of your chemical product formulation projects or innovations by seeking consulting services from an expert. Rely on Kodiakhill to provide professional insight derived from years of innovative research and meaningful inventions.

We have provided consulting services to several companies in the past for a wide array of projects. Through extensive exposure to this field of study, we integrated knowledge into practical application and have innovated on the following:

Aerial Delivery of Fire Fighting Foam or High Expansion Ratio Foam for Wildfires in California
Silicone Thread Lubricants
Silicone Defoamers Based on Patented Invention
Silicone Additives for Spreading and Wetting of Water-Based Architectural Paint and Coatings
Bio-Based Surfactants as a More Economical Production Process for Bio Surfactants
Silicone Surfactants for Agricultural Applications

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